For many years we were active on real estate market, working for Polish and international construction and investment companies.  We were developing our professional competencies, living fast and busy life. Adrenaline and satisfaction. It was a great time, although we often worked in different cities, meeting only during weekends. Our motto was "work hard, play hard". We travelled through Poland and abroad, to ski, to dive, to ride horses, to cycle, to ride motorbikes. Our holidays were short and active to the extreme.

It is hard to say when it occurred to us that we exaggerate. Maybe it was when we arrived in Kashubia from two different cities, by two cars loaded with diving and horse-riding equippment, with motorbike on the little trailer and two biclyces for one-week holidays? We did all these activities!

Some time afterwards we went sightseeing Provence following the steps of Peter Mayle and found a romantic place.  It was a beautiful old Provencal house  in a secluded place,  built of limestone, and restored with great style and with great care. We wandered for hours to get there. Whent we finally arrived, we were welcomed by smiling host, who were formally dressed. They were in a hurry for a party, but they gave us the keys, recommended a good restaurant to for the evening and.....were gone. They left their house in the hands of total strangers.

During the time spent in this house we realized that we want to slow down.  We realized that we can also live in the beautifull place instead of looking for beautiful places to spend short holidays. We longed for silence, peace and harmony. 

We have been looking for our own place on earth for five years before we have found Leśno, the marvellous place in Kashubia. We have built Malinówko and started experimenting with planting raspberries. We live, work, and  rest here,  in the beatiful surroundingds, close to nature. The idea of the guest house emerged in search for the  the new lifestyle . We decided to invite  guests who look for silence and piece and harmony - like us before. We want to share the beauty of this place with our guests and warmly invite you to visit us!





restless soul


trying to keep up with him

Fredzia and Fredek

purring specialists


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